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Update to Spectre ES License


I want to inform you about an important update to licensing of Spectre ES. Recently a co-founder of TimeRocket, Gordon Goodrum and I had a falling out. We had been friends for several years and ultimately we could not find a way to part amicably. While I maintain that Spectre was never open source, Gordon asserts otherwise. Gordon stated his intention to publish the source code as opensource and so I am forced to make a decision.

Out of all the options I have available to protect what I consider proprietary software of TimeRocket, I am going to choose love. I wish I could say that I am making this choice on the merit of providing a free and open source tool to the community alone but if I'm honest with myself, I was forced to make a decision. Revenue from spectre was providing key funding to support the ongoing development and success of both Spectre and TimeRocket and this decision will hurt those goals.

Therefore Spectre ES is now open source and licensed under MIT officially. You can find the source code here:

For those that have paid for a license fee, your contribution definitely contributed to the improvement of the product and was not for no reason. I sincerely appreciate your support. I will still continue to publish updates here to gumroad and those that want to refer people to purchasing a license, please feel free to do so.


-Josh Woodcock, CEO


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